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A day at Timotej

Here you can read more about a typical day at our departments Smultron and Jordgubben children.

At Timotej we like to be out, all year round and as long as we feel like it! Here you can read more about a typical day at our departments Smultron and Jordgubben.  



Smultron -

07.45 - The Smultron children start the day outdoors. Here we usually play until the gathering!  


10.45 - Time for gathering! We sing both new and familiar songs, and prepare for the upcoming lunch.  


11.00 - Now it's lunch. We practice eating ourselves and drinking ourselves while enjoying the food.  


11.30-13.40 - After lunch, it's time for a relaxing moment for our little ones. Anyone who wants to can bring their pacifier blanket and pacifier and lie down to rest.  


13.00-16.30 - One by one, the kids begins to wake up. Depending on the day's form and weather, we continue the day's activities indoors or outdoors.  


14.00 - Active kids are hungry kids! We eat snacks. Weather permitting, we do it outdoors.  


16.30 - Thank you for today! The last Smultron head home to recharge for a new, eventful day.  


Jordgubben -


7.45 - Jordgubben start their day outdoors just like the Smultron. Here we usually until gathering.  


11.00 - What day is it today? What was the name of that flower we saw in the forest at last week's forest gymnastics? At the gathering we talk about everything, big and small and sing songs. Maybe it´s someones birthday this week? Time for the Birthday Dance!  


11.30 - We set the table for lunch.  


12.15 - We continue the day indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. On a particularly rainy day, the kids take the opportunity to paint, play games or read a book together. Maybe someone needs to rest?  


14.00-14.30 - Snack time!  


16.30 - Fruits and energy replenishment.  


17.00 - Thank you for today! The kids clean and head home. 

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