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The cooperative

Timotej's business idea is to offer an alternative pedagogy - Montessori - to the municipal preschool. As one of Botkyrka's oldest independent schools, we have over the years created established and well-functioning routines for our preschool, but above all a large community that we value highly.  


Timotej is run as a parent cooperative, which means that the business is managed through an economic association run by the parents of the enrolled children. In other words, each parent is involved in the business, for example through board work, working groups or similar tasks that concern the maintenance of the business. The pedagogical activities, on the other hand, are managed by the preschool staff. At Timotej, we also do not apply parental care in the event of sick leave in the staff, and the daily cleaning is handled by janitors. We order the children's lunch from the catering company RR Matproduktion, which delivers varied, organic and labeled food. 

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