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About the preschool

At most 34 children go to Timotej. The staff consists of 6 educators and a principal. The preschool is divided into two departments; Smultron is our toddler department for ages 1-3, and Jordgubben is for ages 3-6. The departments are located in two separate rooms with associated courtyards, a stone's throw from each other.  


Our way of working

We know that all children are curious about nature, eager to discover and to learn new things. At Timotej, we work based on Montessori pedagogy, and thus for each child to develop at their own pace. This means that we assume that all children strive for independence, and they are therefore allowed to do things themselves as much as possible, completely at their own pace but always with an educator who guides and inspires. It can be anything from tying your shoes, eating with a knife and fork, or pouring water into a glass without spilling. It also means paying attention to and encouraging children to do things that they are interested in learning more about, such as exploring what happens if you fill a bowl with water and put a cork in it.  



What we do

At the preschool, there is plenty for the children to discover and learn. We have classic, colorful and thought-provoking Montessori materials where children can puzzle with color and shape, logic and perception of size. Of course we also do other fun things. At Jordgubben, for example, there is our painting room where the children can live out their artistic abilities by experimenting with colors and details. Then we have Snickis, our small workshop where you can hammer, saw and glue together your own creations to take home with a little help on the stack. In our reading room there is also time for relaxation, and to sit down and read a book together.  



Our activities

Once a week, our Smultron and Jordgubbs children go on an excursion to the forest. The Smultron children for itself and at its own pace, while the Jordgubbs children take the opportunity to take a little more difficult paths to the destination of the excursion. Along the way we stop and talk about what we see in nature, and the excursion ends with a movement session, fruit time, and of course lots of play! Every week we also find opportunities for our Strawberries and Strawberries to gather for a singing session, where we take turns going over to each other's departments.  


We also have appreciated annual activities that contribute to the community between our Smultron and Jordgubbar as well as to the cooperative's community. During the spring term, we work with a new theme for each year, which we then put together into a musical. We have Valentine's Day masquerade, both bake and eat yummy rolls on Fat Tuesday, and run the Timotej race. We also have a lot to celebrate during the first part of the year! It's both Easter, Montessori Day and Preschool Day! When it then goes towards summer, we pack up and go on an excursion to the adjacent Örnbergsskogen in Tullinge, where we play and have lunch out in nature. At the end of the spring term, we set up the musical we worked on. Then it's time for midsummer celebrations. Then we all dance around the midsummer pole!  


The autumn term's activities begin with an autumn masquerade where our Smultron and Jordgubbs children dress up for what they feel like. Then we receive our friends who started school during the semester for an appreciated return meeting. As Christmas approaches, it's time to practice songs that we then sing in our Lucia train.  



The comet group

When our children begin their final year at Timothy, they are part of the esteemed Comet Group. The comets meet once a week and work on an annual subject. They do activities and study visits. Examples of themes so far are space, the structure of the earth and Tullinge. 

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