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Our activities

Once a week, our Smultron and Jordgubben children go on an excursion to the forest. The Smultron children for itself and at its own pace, while the Jordgubben children take the opportunity to take a little more difficult paths to the destination of the excursion. Along the way we stop and talk about what we see in nature, and the excursion ends with fruit time, and of course lots of play! Every week we also have a Friday party together at Jordgubbens gård where we sing, dance and move together.  


Of course, we also have annual and traditional activities that contribute to the community between our Smultron and Jordgubben children as well as to the cooperative's community. During the spring term, we work with a new theme for each year, which we then put together into a musical. We have Valentine's Day masquerade, bake and eat yummy rolls on Fat Tuesday, and run the Timotejloppet on Preschool Day. When it is towards summer, we pack up and go on an excursion to the adjacent Örnbergsskogen, where we play and have lunch out in nature. When the spring term comes to an end, we set up the musical we worked on. Then it's time for midsummer celebrations. Then we all dance around the midsummer pole!  


In the autumn term, many children are new and then we work with group-strengthening activities such as name songs, play and drama. As throughout the year, we follow the seasonal changes. Autumn is extra beautiful with all the leaves in nice colors that we can create with. Exciting with acorns falling from our oak, pears ripening in our pear tree, and chestnuts falling from trees outside the nearby restaurant. We take a group photo that all children bring home, have autumn masquerade, Lucia celebrations and Christmas lunch.  

The comet group

When our children begin their final year with us, they are part of a 5-year-old group that we call the Comet Group. The comets meet once a week and learn exciting things about space and the Earth's evolution. 

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